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Get Ready for Summer: Essential Tips to Prepare Your Texas Home.

As the summer months approach, it's time to get your house and property ready for the warmer weather. Follow these tips to ensure your home is prepared for the heat and sunshine:

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Check Your Cooling System

As the weather starts warming up, it's crucial to inspect your home's cooling system and ensure it's in proper working order. Start by visually examining the outdoor air conditioning unit. Look for any debris that may have accumulated over the fall and winter months and clear away leaves, dirt, or other clutter blocking airflow. Use a hose to gently spray down the unit and wash away built-up grime. 

Next, clean the air intake vents indoors and vacuum out the ducts leading to and from the unit. A dirty system can reduce efficiency and fail to properly cool your home. Consider hiring an HVAC technician to do a thorough maintenance check and clean all components professionally. They can check refrigerant levels, ensure there are no leaks, and confirm the system has proper airflow and pressure. This maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your unit.

Seal Windows and Doors

Prevent hot air from entering and cool air from escaping by sealing any cracks or gaps around windows and doors. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal the cracks and gaps. Pay close attention to sealing areas that connect the indoors to the outdoors, like windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, fans, vents and fireplaces. 

Sealing these areas can improve your home's energy efficiency by up to 10%, according to the Department of Energy. This not only keeps your utility bills lower in the summer, but also keeps your home's indoor temperature comfortable and consistent. With less hot outdoor air entering and less cool indoor air escaping, you'll rely less on your air conditioner working overtime to regulate the temperature.

Clean and Maintain Outdoor Spaces

As the weather warms up, it's important to clean and maintain your outdoor living areas so you can fully enjoy them during the summer months. Start by clearing off and scrubbing down any outdoor furniture, including patio tables, chairs, loungers, and umbrellas. Use a power washer if needed to remove dirt, grime, pollen, and mold. Wipe down cushions and pillows as well. 

Don't forget to trim back overgrown trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges around your yard. Pruning encourages new growth and allows for better airflow on hot days. Trim any branches that are encroaching on your home or deck. Clear out fallen leaves and debris from under bushes and shrubs as well.

By taking the time to clean and maintain your outdoor living spaces properly, you'll create an enjoyable area for relaxing and entertaining all summer long. The improved airflow and aesthetics will help you make the most of the sunny season.

Inspect and Clean Gutters 

Clogged gutters can lead to a number of problems, especially during the rainy season. It's important to thoroughly clean out your gutters and downspouts to allow for proper drainage and prevent water damage.

Start by using a ladder to get up close to your gutters. Carefully remove any debris, such as leaves, sticks, and roof grit. It can help to have a small trowel or scoop to dislodge stuck-on gunk. Take all the time you need to fully clear out each section of the gutter system.

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts allow rainwater to drain away from your home's foundation. Clogged systems force water to pool on the roof or seep into the walls, which can lead to wood rot, mold growth, and water spots on ceilings. Preventing clogs through regular cleaning and inspection ensures proper drainage for your home's health.

Take the time each season to fully clean out your gutters. Keeping them free of debris, buildup, and clogs will help prevent water damage while protecting your biggest investment - your home.


Protect Against Pests

As the weather warms up, pests like mosquitoes and ants will be looking to invade your home. Take proactive steps now to protect your property.

Start by eliminating any standing water around your home, as this allows mosquitoes to breed. Check for clogged gutters, empty flower pot saucers, birdbaths, and other areas where water can collect. Dump out any standing water to remove mosquito breeding grounds.

Seal any cracks and crevices on your home's exterior. These small openings allow pests to sneak inside. Use caulk to seal cracks around windows, doors, pipes, and the foundation. Install screens on all windows and doors as well. This will help keep bugs outside where they belong.

With a few simple prevention tips, you can stop pests from crashing your summer fun. Removing standing water, sealing cracks, and using natural repellents will help protect your home from unwelcome mosquito and ant invasions.

Prepare Your Lawn and Garden

Getting your lawn and garden ready for summer is key to keeping your outdoor space beautiful during the warmer months. Here are some tips:

  • Water and fertilize your lawn - Make sure to water your grass thoroughly at least 1 inch per week. Fertilize your lawn in early summer to keep it green and lush. 

  • Trim hedges and trees - Give hedges and trees a trim in the springtime before rapid summer growth starts. This will keep them looking tidy and promote healthy growth.

  • Plant summer flowers - Choose flowers like petunias, zinnias, and marigolds that thrive in summer heat and withstand drier conditions. Add pops of color with containers or flower beds.

  • Install a sprinkler system - Sprinkler systems on a timer provide consistent watering without the hassle of dragging out a hose. This ensures your lawn and garden get adequate moisture.

Taking time to care for your lawn and garden will help them flourish despite summer heat and dryness. With a lush landscape, you'll be ready to fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Check Fire Safety

Summer brings an increased risk of fires, so it's essential to ensure your home's fire safety is up to date before the season begins. Start by testing all smoke detectors and replacing old batteries so they are ready to detect any signs of smoke. Go through your home and inspect fire extinguishers to confirm they are charged and easy to access in case of emergency. 

Examine your property and remove any flammable debris, like dry leaves and brush, within 30 feet of the home. This helps prevent fires from easily spreading to the house. Finally, make sure your outdoor grilling area is clean and free of grease buildup. With a few simple fire safety steps, you can protect your home against summer's fire hazards.

Update Your Texas Home Exterior

The summer is a great time to spruce up your Texas home's exterior and enhance curb appeal. Start by inspecting the exterior paint or stain. If it's faded, chipped, or peeling, consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint or stain. Not only will this improve aesthetics, but it will also protect siding and trim from summer heat and moisture. 

Next, do a thorough check of fencing, siding, trim, and other exterior surfaces. Make any needed repairs to damaged areas. Replace loose nails, fill gaps, and sand or paint worn spots. Well-maintained fencing and siding will withstand the elements better. 

Finally, take steps to boost curb appeal. Wash windows, power wash siding, add colorful pots of flowers, and keep the yard neatly mowed and edged. A beautiful, welcoming exterior will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long. Little enhancements can make a big difference in creating an exterior you'll be proud to showcase.

Clean Interior Spaces

With the windows open more during summer, it's important to give your home's interior a thorough deep clean. This will keep the indoor air fresh and your home looking tidy for any gatherings with friends and family.  

  • Deep clean carpets and floors - Vacuum carpets and area rugs thoroughly, going over high traffic areas multiple times. For hard floors, mop using a disinfecting cleaner to remove any built up grime. Consider having carpets professionally cleaned as well to revitalize them for the summer.

  • Wash windows - Dust window frames, sills and blinds first before washing the glass. Use a mild cleaner and microfiber cloths to leave windows streak-free and crystal clear. Wash both interior and exterior windows to let more natural light in.

  • Declutter closets and rooms - Go through closets, storage areas, and living spaces to clear out clutter. Donate or sell unused items, then organize and neatly arrange what remains. Decluttering creates a calming environment and makes cleaning easier.


Summer is right around the corner, which means now is the time to start preparing your home and property. By taking the time to inspect and maintain key areas, you can ensure your home is ready for the hotter weather ahead.

The most important steps are checking your cooling system, sealing up cracks and gaps, cleaning gutters, and protecting against pests. A well-maintained exterior and lawn will also help you make the most of the summer months. Advance preparation allows you to avoid unexpected issues and costs while creating an enjoyable home environment all season long.

Don't wait until the temperatures rise to start your summer home preparations. Follow these essential tips now to get your house and property ready for summer. A little time and effort today will pay off all summer long as you relax and enjoy the sunny days ahead. With your home properly prepared, you can look forward to summertime fun!

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